As she lays there and the leaves surrounded by her she lets Mother Nature to protect her. I am fortunate to capture her beauty Model Doreen Wang published in FV Magazine thanks to Editor and Chief Fantasia Veneziana. Designs by Corey Rogers and Mua by Sajbeena. Check out More of my work can be seen at @shootmenycmodels.doreen

As I lay the leaves shall fall…

I am proud to have captured beautiful Model Doreen and the COVER of this Model in Jan/Feb 2017 Model World  Issue. and you can see how we at the magazines aim to inspire new and upcoming Models and Designers. To see more of my work you can also go to @shootmenycmodels on IG and you will be able to see more of my work and creativity. If your a serious Model who want to further her career then message me and let the creative process begin.Join the blog and see what we do on a daily basis. Makeup done by @maikosmetics